My testimony starts with me being raised in a Christian family. All was good. I accepted God into my life as a young kid. At that age I had no worry in the world. But as I got older things got harder. Things got exceptionally harder half way through 6th grade. I remember the night everything changed for me. Since then it’s been a trial to overcome. READ MORE



I prayed to receive Jesus at the age of 6 and was baptized in Clardone, Arkansas, right outside of Little Rock, where I grew up. The day I found the Lord God, I knew then I had found true love. Things have been, overall, happy in my life. God is merciful. I have been blessed. READ MORE



My mom is a Christian, while my dad is a Catholic (I think). But they don’t practice their religions. My mom liked being a Christian but it was forced down her throat by her step mother when she was growing up. She didn’t want to learn about it anymore because she was forced to memorize verses by the end of each day and recite them at dinner.  READ MORE



Christ changed my life! I had no idea what to do before I found Christ. I was walking the wrong path. I had given into temptation. I had done drugs and actually let it get me in a lot of trouble. I had given into smoking because I let my old friends talk me into it. I had even started cutting myself. I lost all control over my mind soul and body. And it all started when I lost my grandpa. And kept escalating when my dad was told he may have cancer. READ MORE


PAST LIFE – As a child, I grew up as a product of a broken home. At the age of 3, my mother , sister and I were forced to live with my grandmother when my father walked out on us. The home we lived in had 8 people living there. Growing up was tough because I didn’t get to be a kid like most others my age. I had to basically, from the time I got out of school until bedtime, serve almost as a servant to the adults of the family. This lifestyle was mainly because of my uncle.  READ MORE


I was born into a very well to do family.  My dad was the Senior Captain with Northwest Orient Airlines based out of Seattle, Washington. (Ever hear of D.B. Cooper? – that’s another chapter).  I grew up with beautiful Lake Washington as my front yard – a fantastic golf course as my back yard. I had a privileged life. I played golf all the time… READ MORE



I have so much to be thankful for. I had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. My father and my mother were and are very devout Christians. When I was six years old, I stayed home during Halloween to ask my dad a lot of questions about God. That night, he led me to Christ.  READ MORE



I have been a Christian most of my long life; my conversion and journey have not been spectacular — quite ordinary, in fact. I grew up in a Christian home; we went to church every time the doors were open, and I was active in the various aspects of church life. When I was nine, our church had an evangelistic crusade, or “a revival,” … READ MORE


I came into this world fighting.  I was born prematurely and weighed two pounds and one ounce at birth.  The doctors told my parents that I would not live.  After three months of fighting in the hospital (I have the scar to prove it) and by the grace of God, I was able to go home with my parents.  READ MORE



Before Christ came into my life, I was making all the wrong choices. I was getting into a lot of trouble with my parents (for things like sexting) and my main focus in life was boys and my friends. I was getting bad grades in school and, because of my grades, I was ineligible to play… READ MORE



Born in a Christian home? I guess that’s what you can call it. I grew up going to church with my sister and grandparents while my mom and dad stayed home to watch NASCAR. They were believers; they were just lazy I guess. READ MORE



I was born into a family with seven other children; I’m part Korean and the baby of the family, with seven years between me and all of my other siblings. I moved to Ohio from Colorado with my parents and spent most of my days just wanting to grow up quickly. READ MORE


My testimony started not too long ago. Life before I accepted Jesus as my Savior wasn’t going anywhere. I thought even if I walked into a church it would burn; I was so sinful. I started using drugs with friends when I was 9-years-old. I would drink a lot even at age 8. READ MORE

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